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For Parents of kids of all ages

These workshops focus on safety and abuse prevention. We can reduce the incidences of sexual abuse by teaching children to name their private body parts, helping them to identify the differences between safe, unsafe and secret touch, and supporting them to express a variety of emotions. These foundational skills make the world a safer place for children. 

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Creating a Culture of
Child Safety Workshop

For: Educators, Parents, Social Workers,
and Caregivers of children of all ages

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • ​Why we need to teach sexual health education early

  • What schools should be offering our primary aged children in terms of sexual abuse prevention

  • Common myths of sexual abuse

  • Types of sexual abuse

  • Statistics of sexual abuse (bring a Kleenex)

  • Who commits sexual abuse?

  • Incidences of reporting

  • The difference between a pedophile and molester

  • The profile of a predator

  • Stages of grooming a child

  • What transfer of responsibility looks like

  • Patterns of disclosure

  • Why kids don’t disclose

  • Normal sexual behaviour for preschool and primary aged kids.

  • Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

For: Parents and Professionals


It is not a question if your child/children will view pornography, it is a question of when.


Schools and families must intentionally filter out inappropriate sexual images so that they are not viewed by children. Nearly 50% of children who see pornography by accident say they can't forget that first image.


According to a 2018 study in NZ (Youth and Porn) 25% of kids under age 12 have accessed pornography. The largest group of viewers of internet pornography is children aged 12-17. The biggest problem with our kids seeing pornography isn't that it's about sex, but that it's about unrealistic sex.  


Want to learn more about the long-term impacts of pornography viewing?


Want to learn how to talk to your kids?  Then this workshop is for you!

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6 Must-Have Conversations with Your Preteen

For: Parents and Professionals

About this workshop:

More so than ever before, parents need to keep up-to-date with current issues in sexual health education. This 2 hour workshop will provide parents, caregivers, counsellors, child and youth care workers and other interested community members a peak into the challenges many youth face today. Specific topics include consent, sexual harassment, the legal and social implications of sexting, gender violence, sexual fluidity and the long-term impacts of pornography.

This workshop is also available to be purchased by individuals, schools, or school districts.


Schools & School Districts may hire Kerri to give a live workshop, or she is available to ‘Skype’ in for a 60 minute Q&A after viewing of the video. Use our Book Kerri form for more information.


7-Part Teen Series

For: Parents and Professionals

About this workshop:

Check out this repeat of our popular teen series from last year. To register, click the Register button above.

Topics in this 7-part series include:

1. Talking About Consent 

2. Talking About Relationships 

3. Talking About Safer Sex

4. Talking About Sexting 

5. Talking About Pornography 

6. Talking About Gender & Sexual Orientation 

7. Talking About Sex Trafficking 

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Sexual Health Education for Children with Support Needs (K-7)

For: Parents and Professionals

In this workshop, you'll learn about:

  • What is sexuality?

  • Why teach sexual health education early?

  • Why teach sexual health education to children with special needs?

  • Why children with special needs are at greater risks of sexual abuse

  • Other risk factors

  • What children need to know and when

  • Why we need to be proactive rather than reactive

  • Modifying sexuality topics

  • Delivery methods

  • Resources, books, Apps, etc.

male and female young adults with support needs sitting on floor

Sexual Health Education for Youth with Support Needs
(Grade 8+)

For: Parents and Professionals


  • What is sexuality?
  • The Circles of Sexuality

  • Messaging directed towards youth with special needs

  • Why teach sexual health education to teens with special needs?

  • Risk factors

  • Teaching to chronological age as opposed to cognitive age.

  • What teens need to know and when

  • Modifying sexuality topics

  • Delivery methods

  • Resources, books, Apps, etc.

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NEW! Skype or Phone Conversations with Kerri!

For: Parents and Professionals


  • 15 minutes: $40

  • 30 minutes: $75

  • prepayment required (e-transfer, paypal)

Needs Assessment

To schedule an initial consultation, fill out our Needs Assessment.

Book Kerri

To book Kerri to Speak at an event, connect with her here.

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