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At Power Up Education, we wholeheartedly believe that every child should experience a healthy, happy childhood, free from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Self-esteem, body image, how we relate to others and our overall identity are all intertwined with our sexuality. We are all sexual beings yet, despite the importance of sexuality in our lives, we are often uncomfortable talking about these issues. 


It doesn’t have to be this way…and…that is precisely why we exist! We offer a variety of highly effective and customized sexual health tutorials and workshops designed to provide a FUN and RELAXED atmosphere where people can increase their knowledge, motivation and skills to achieve optimal sexual health.

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We are dedicated and empathetic educators with an understanding of, and sensitivity to, the spectrum of needs from preschoolers to adults.


We believe that all people are sexual beings with a right to express their individual sexuality, however that may look.

About Kerri - CEO

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Kerri is a collaborative and inclusive educator, author and award-winning presenter with 25 years’ experience. She is the founder and lead educator of Power Up Education, dedicating her professional career to the safety of our children and responding to the needs of communities.


She is the author of 3 books, spanning the preschool years to adulthood, including youth with special needs, and is the co-author of a children’s storybook about the dangers of pornography. Kerri consistently updates her knowledge about trends, statistics and resources to better serve her clients and audiences all over the world.  

I am a certified Options for Sexual Health educator.

Winner! Health & Wellness
2021 Nanaimo Business Awards

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About Lee - Business Manager

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Lee is a BC-Certified educator with over 25 years' experience. He has a Masters of Education in Technology and Design, and brings an interest and aptitude in social media and technology. Lee brings an eye for detail and a complementary skillset to Kerri’s dynamic presentation style.

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Success story

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Kerri is a dynamic speaker who helps bring clarity to the somewhat confusing, and overwhelming world of sexual education. She has educated and helped me navigate how to talk to my kids as they grow. I truly appreciate her straightforward, practical and humourous approach.


—  Cynthia Lockrey, mom, advocate for kids with special needs

Needs Assessment

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