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A Tool for Tough Conversations

How to talk to your kids about the difference between real life intimacy and pornography.

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Power Up Premise

At Power Up, we believe Sexual Health Education is NOT optional AND is best delivered starting from 2 years old. Why teach early? We believe educating early is the key to eliminating sexual abuse. Educating early does not strip your child of their innocence... however... sexual abuse will.

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At Power Up we promise

Safe Space

An environment where confidentiality is a top priority.

Talking about sex & sexuality can be… well… uncomfortable. We aim to provide a safe space where you can ask questions, share with confidence, and know that what is shared in the room stays in the room. 

Practical Tools

Techniques and resources to educate our children.

We know you need more than just vocabulary and information to share with young people about sexual health. We bring you the practical “how to”, so you can not only have the information you need, but be able to start those conversations in the first place. 

Know what to do

Key understandings to help you with the next step. 

You’ll walk away from our trainings with confidence in your next steps and have the ability to implement and take action right away.

Kerri Isham and Lee Kneisz with Power Up Education

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We’re Power Up Education and we’re passionate and committed to creating a world where Sexual Health Education is as natural and habitual as brushing your teeth and combing your hair. Why? Because we believe Sexual Health Education is the key to reducing sexual abuse and the catalyst for healthier relationships, we offer sexual health education classes, consulting and training.

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How to talk to your kids about pornography

This sexual health education workshop is for parents, caregivers, foster parents, grandparents, and teachers. We want you to understand that kids can access pornography anywhere at any time and we want you to be prepared. Early conversations and filtering devices/software are the keys to combating this pervasive problem. You’ll feel empowered to have the conversations and take the actions necessary to protect your children.

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Success story

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Kerri advocates for those that may not always be able to advocate for themselves, and in my opinion that is priceless. She is professional, knowledgeable, and highly educated in her field. Anyone who has Kerri in their corner is blessed!


—  Nicole Monasterio, Mother, Caregiver, Sound Healer

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