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Meet Jo Langford

Jo Langford, M.A. is a dad, a Master’s-level therapist, author and sex educator for tweens, teens and parents, in Seattle, Washington. For the last 20 years, Jo has worked in the intersection of adolescence, sexuality, technology and behavior.

From working in peer counseling and student outreach programs in high schools, to medical, residential and psychiatric settings, Jo now provides training for organizations and agencies as well therapy to adolescents and families around a gambit of sexuality themes - with an emphasis on LGBTQ issues, internet safety, digital citizenship and comprehensive sex education. 

He is the author of the Spare Me, ‘The Talk’!, series – guides to sex, relationships and growing up for modern teens and their parents.  His first book is the first modern guide to healthy sexuality in print specifically written for boys (and their parents).

The second book in the series is the first guide to growing up for girls (and their parents) written by a male.

His third book, The Pride Guide, is an encompassing guide to sexual and social development, safety and health for queer youth and their families. Covering all aspects of LGBTQ adolescence, both online and off, this book is the first puberty book written with queer (and specifically trans) youth in mind.

Langford has also created an amazing podcast called APPropriate. Currently, he has 65 episodes, each of which highlights the pros and cons of individual social media apps. The goal is to educate parents to share best practices and guidelines for use. 

Jo speaks internationally using information, education and humor to help parents and professionals increase their knowledge and self-confidence as a proactive defense against the unfortunate consequences that sometimes accompany teen sexuality, behavior and development.

More about his work to promote healthy, positive and safe sexual and social behavior can be found at his website,

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