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Meet Paula Bowman

Meet my friend and Colleague – Paula Bowman (Certified Sexual Health Educator)

Professionally speaking, Paula is a multifaceted individual with a diverse resume that reflects her creative personality and comprehensive skill set. Before graduating from the Sexual Health Education Course at Options For Sexual Health, she studied in the Art Therapy program at Goldsmiths University of London and also received her Fine Arts Diploma from North Island College on Vancouver Island. Her schooling has afforded her the opportunity of becoming a freelance community arts expert. She has spent most of her life working with community arts groups and teaching in schools, environmental centres, and historical sites all over the United Kingdom and on Vancouver Island.

Some of her accomplishments are working with Key Stages, facilitating adult dance classes, creating tailored courses for individuals with disabilities and mental health issues, and developing children's activities at Buxton Museum.

These varied experiences have allowed Paula to work with a wide range of individuals, from all age groups and with diverse backgrounds. Her warm and inclusive personality make it easy for her to engage with clients and build trusting relationships, which is a necessity when dealing with sexual health. In addition to her knowledge, Paula brings her passion for the human body to every class she teaches and her creativity holds the attention of even the most easily distracted minds.

Paula Bowman is determined to do more than educate. She is striving to bring joy and confidence to everyone who attends one of her programs and hopes to influence others to understand their bodies and love them. With the help of honesty, conversation, art, storytelling, writing, and poetry, she hopes to engage her clients and change the way they look about sexual health.

When she's not teaching or helping in the community, Paula can be found raising her two beautiful children and spending time with her amazing husband Jason. What small windows of free time she has are spent creating art, dancing, storytelling, puppet making and felting.

Planet Paula - - provides educational services for those looking to learn about sexual health, sexuality, gender, relationships, and body image.

Their goal is to inform and inspire people from all ages, stages, and walks of life in a joyful manner. All programs are tailored for designated demographics and contain accessible information while offering support, cultivating body and sex positivity, and fostering open dialogue.

Specialty Areas:

· Early Childhood Education

· Tweens & Teens

· Puberty & Menstruation

· Pregnancy & Post-Partum

· Seniors & Retirees

· Relationships

· Home Schooling & Alternative Schools


Paula’s Podcast – Sexuali-tea - can be found on Spotify. I love this podcast. It is well-researched, interesting and informative.

Paula’s Vulva Art on Etsy – or on Instagram under paula-bowman333 (Happy Vulva)

Download our free resource Tips for Parents. And for more information or guidance, check out our course Creating a Culture of Childhood Protection in our Shop.

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