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I'm back!...with Michael Lemon

I’m back and ready to share more people, tips and tricks with you! One of the positive's of the Covid restrictions in my area is that it has led me to reach out and collaborate with many people I might not have had the chance to meet in a pre-Covid world.

Mike and I met in a parenting forum several months ago. Since then, we have completed two interviews, many Zoom meetings and I have joined his team to help connect parents with a one stop information hub – Cyber Safe Teen Nation.

Mike, founder of Cyber Safe Teen and father of 5 boys (two sets of twins!), spent 2 decades investigating and assisting other law enforcement agencies in investigating online crimes against children.

After retiring from law enforcement, Mike began working with schools and families to help prevent children from becoming victims of online predators.

Over 20,000 students and 5,000 adults have been trained in Cyber Safe Teen with over 98% of the students saying they were less likely to send nude photos or cyber bully another student.

Mike’s mission to empower parents to protect their online children has led to the creation of CST Nation free Facebook group.

At CST Nation, Mike shares his experiences, knowledge, and insights, along with other family experts to help parents make educated decisions so their children do not become victims of online predators. He wants children to learn to use social media in a safe and productive way.

CST Nation has a goal of 1 million educational contacts with parents in 2021.

Check out Cyber Safe Teen Nation here…

Download our free resource Tips for Parents. And for more information or guidance, check out our course Creating a Culture of Childhood Protection in our Shop.

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