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Sexual Health Education for Children with Special Needs RESOURCES

These books and resources have been hand-picked by me over the course of my career as a Sexual Health Educator.  I have used these resources myself, in classroom settings, small group sessions and with my one-on-one clients. A majority of these can be found at your local library. I know that finding accurate and up-to-date resources can be time consuming, so I have done the work for you!  Please enjoy them as I have.


Kerri Isham
Certified Sexual Health Educator

Bare Naked Book cover

by: Kathy Stinson

Bellybuttons are Navels book cover

by: Mark Schoen

Amazing You book cover

by: Gail Saltz

How Did I begin book cover

by: Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom

I Said No book cover

by: Zack and Kimberly King

It's My Body book cover

by: Lory Freeman

My Body Belongs to Me book cover

by: Jill Starishevsky

What Would You Do book cover

by: Linda Schwartz

Please Tell book cover

by: Jessi

What Makes a Baby book cover

by: Cory Silverberg

Who Has What book cover

by: Robie H. Harris

Your Body Belongs To You book cover

by: Cornelia Spelman

Sex is a Funny Word book cover

by: Cory Silverberg (Ages 4+)

Will Puberty Last My Whole Life book cover

by: Julie Metzger and Robert Lehman

Where did I come from book cover

by: Peter Mayle

What do You Think book cover

by: Linda Schwartz


by: Cynthia Lockrey

Whats Happening to Ellie book cover

by: Kate E. Reynolds

Whats Happening to Tom book cover

by: Kate E. Reynolds

Things Tom Likes book cover

by: Kate E. Reynolds

Things Ellie Likes book cover

by: Kate E. Reynolds

A Terrible Thing Happened book cover

by: Margaret M. Holmes

Good Pictures Bad Pictures book cover

by: Kristen A. Jenson, M.A. & Gail Poyner, PhD.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr book cover

by: Kristen A. Jenson, M.A.

Not For Kids book cover

by: Liz Walke & Anita Mary

The Way I Feel book cover

by: Janan Cain

More Resources...



Sunny Hill Education Resource Centre – Lending library with many sexual health materials. The online catalogue will enable you to search by keyword, subject and author to assist you in determining what you need. This service is free of charge, they will mail you the resources you order and include a return mailing order to send them back. Standard borrowing time is 3 weeks. 


Facebook Groups

BC Parents and Service Providers of Special Needs DL and Homeschoolers

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