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A Tool For Tough Conversations:

vs. Real Life

Ages 8+

This resource is for:

Parents, Guardians & Professionals working with children & youth.


About this resource:

It is not a question of if your child(ren) will view pornography, it is a question of when. Understanding that they will at some time have access means that we want to be ready and open to a difficult conversation, as the biggest problem with our kids seeing pornography is not that it's about sex, but that it's about unrealistic sex.  And of course, they would not have that information... yet.

That's where the Tool For Tough Conversations come in to play. I want to arm you with some of the myths and misconceptions that are shared and essentially "taught" through pornography. We can combat those misconceptions with education about Real Life Sex. And believe me, they will be interested! 

Start with my video below Pornography vs. Real Life, and then download the worksheet "A Tool for Tough Conversations". This fill-in-the-blank is a great conversation starter! There are many differences between pornography and real life, and your kids need that clarity to keep them safe. I know these conversations can feel quite taboo. I encourage you to use these real facts as a basis for education and building trust.

Training Video

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"How To Talk To Your Kids About Pornography"

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