Sexual Health Education for Youth with Special Needs

Grade 8+

Ages 13+

This course is for:

Parents, Grandparents raising grandchildren, Teachers, Educational Assistants (E.A.'s), Social workers, Foster parents, Step-parents and anyone who works with or raises a youth with special needs.


In this workshop you will learn:
  1. What is sexuality?

  2. The Circles of Sexuality

  3. Messaging directed towards youth with special needs

  4. Why teach sexual health education to teens with special needs?

  5. Risk factors

  6. Teaching to chronological age as opposed to cognitive age

  7. What teens need to know and when

  8. Modifying sexuality topics

  9. Delivery methods

  10. Resources, books, Apps, etc.

Start Here

Listen to the audio guide, and then download and complete the Attitudes and Values Questionnaire.

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