How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

This course is for:

All early childhood educators, parents/teacher of children & youth, social workers, grandparents raising grandchildren and ANYONE who works with or cares for children.


About this Workshop:

It is not a question if your child/children will view pornography, it is a question of when.

Schools and families must intentionally filter out inappropriate sexual images so that they are not viewed by children. Nearly 50% of children who see pornography by accident say they can't forget that first image.

According to a 2018 study in NZ (Youth and Porn) 25% of kids under age 12 have accessed pornography. The largest group of viewers of internet pornography is children aged 12-17. The biggest problem with our kids seeing pornography isn't that it's about sex, but that it's about unrealistic sex.  Want to learn more about the long-term impacts of pornography viewing? Want to learn how to talk to your kids?  Then this workshop is for you!

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