Coming to a Body Near You

Grade 3+

Ages 8+

This course is for:

Children in Grade 3-7 and their (foster) parents, caregivers and teachers.

When adults talk openly and honestly about sexuality, puberty-aged kids will have the comfort, knowledge and support they need to achieve healthy sexual lives.


Puberty can be a scary and challenging time. As adults, we have the unique opportunity to make puberty an exciting right of passage for our young people. 

With fun, meaningful and hands-on activities, our children can learn to be open and confident with these sensitive topics. 

This workshop will be entertaining, engaging and informative.

In this workshop you will learn:
  1. Private body part names

  2. When/where to use the scientific names

  3. Times we change the most

  4. Puberty changes (physical, emotional and social)

  5. Developmental rates for puberty

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