Creating A Culture of Child Protection

This course is for:

Early childhood educators, parents of primary aged children, social workers, teachers, grand-parents raising grandchildren and ANYONE who works with or cares for children.


In this workshop you will learn:
  1. Why we need to teach sexual health education early

  2. What schools should be offering our primary aged children in terms of sexual abuse prevention

  3. Common myths of sexual abuse

  4. Types of sexual abuse

  5. Statistics of sexual abuse (bring a Kleenex)

  6. Who commits sexual abuse?

  7. Incidences of reporting

  8. The difference between a pedophile and molester

  9. The profile of a predator

  10. 1Stages of grooming a child

  11. What transfer of responsibility looks like

  12. Patterns of disclosure

  13. Why kids don’t disclose

  14. Normal sexual behaviour for preschool and primary aged children

  15. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse

Training Videos

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