Sexual Health Education for Children with

Special Needs

Grades K-7

This course is for:

All early childhood educators, parents/teacher of children in K-Grade 7 (ages 4-13), social workers, grand-parents raising grand-children and ANYONE who works with or cares for children with special needs.


In this workshop you will learn:
  1. What is sexuality?

  2. Why teach sexual health education early?

  3. Why teach sexual health education to children with special n   needs?

  4. Why children with special needs are at greater risks of sexual abuse

  5. Other risk factors

  6. What children need to know and when

  7. Why we need to be proactive rather than reactive

  8. Modifying sexuality topics

  9. Delivery methods

  10. Resources, books, Apps, etc.

Training Videos

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Recommended Resources

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Ages 4-13